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We all come across times in life when you need to cover major expenses such as business funds, home renovations, weddings, college funds, and medical bills. You should never touch your hard-earned savings or rely on your high-interest credit cards to cover these expenses because they will end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Our Halifax home equity loans agents can offer you far better options with significantly lower interest rates and repayment terms that are manageable. As long as you have 20% equity in your home you can qualify to borrow 65% of your property value at a very low interest rate, and up to 80% by combining your regular mortgage to home equity loans. Through our Canada-wide financial network, our Halifax home equity loans representatives will refer you to the most attractive financial solutions in the areas including Halifax, Dartmouth, Sydney, Glace Bay, Truro, Amherst, New Glasgow, Bridgewater, and Kentville. We provide a wide range of exemplary financial services including:

  • Home equity loans
  • Bad credit loans
  • Home financing
  • Debt consolidation

Our team at Canada East Mortgages believes that everyone deserves a chance to realize their goals and dreams. Whether you have bad credit, have accumulated debt, or have no proof of regular income, our dedicated Halifax home equity loans agents will do everything to find a solution that works for you. With our financial guidance, your finances won’t seem so daunting and out of control anymore. It is our greatest pleasure to see our customers achieve financial success, and we will continue to serve the communities of Halifax, Dartmouth, Sydney, Glace Bay, Truro, Amherst, New Glasgow, Bridgewater, and Kentville with pride. Our Halifax home equity loans experts will keep an eye out on the financial market for the latest news and projections so that you can be fully informed before making any important decisions. Contact us today to discuss your financial needs with one of our finest Halifax home equity loans agents.

"Due to locations and our busy family life we did most of the process over the phone and email. That worked great for us. Our Mortgage agent answered all our questions professionally and showed us various options that would fit with our situation. She even suggested a couple lawyers in our area and then arranged the appointment for us once we chose one. We consolidated some of our debts into the refinance and are saving over $450 per month in payments. It is great to have that money available each month. We now have a savings fund for the kid’s university and couldn’t be happier!"
- Sherry & Norman - Ottawa, Ontario

Halifax, Nova Scotia facts:
  • Halifax is a major economic centre in Atlantic Canada with a large concentration of government services and private sector companies.
  • Cities that are close to Halifax are Chester, Dartmouth, Amherst, New Glasgow, and Sydney.
  • Halifax’s urban core is home to a number of regional landmark buildings and retains significant historic buildings and districts.
Cities surrounding Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Cole Harbour, Windsor, Truro, Bridgewater, Kentville, Glace Bay

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