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Are you about to cover major expenses such as surgeries, university funds, home renovations, funding your start up, or other financial emergencies? Using high-interest credit cards or taking cash out of your hard-earned savings are definitely not ideal options to cover such expenses. Our Dartmouth home equity loans agents are happy to introduce you to much more sensible alternatives with low interest rates and affordable repayment schedules. As long as you have 20% equity in your home you can qualify to borrow 65% of your property value at a very low interest rate, and up to 80% by combining your regular mortgage to home equity loans. Our Dartmouth home equity loans representatives are dedicated to helping everyone create an affordable and manageable financial plan, and are able to connect you to the most competitive rates across Dartmouth, Halifax, Sydney, Glace Bay, Truro, Amherst, New Glasgow, Bridgewater, and Kentville. Our complete list of excellent financial services includes:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Home financing
  • Bad credit loans
  • Home equity loans

At Canada East Mortgages, we strongly believe that everyone should be given a fair chance to make their dreams and goals come true. Whether you have bad credit, have accumulated debt, or have no proof of regular income, our dedicated Dartmouth home equity loans agents will do everything to find a solution that works for you. With our financial guidance, your finances won’t seem so daunting and out of control anymore. We have helped many customers across Nova Scotia achieve financial success. Our current service region includes the areas of Dartmouth, Halifax, Sydney, Glace Bay, Truro, Amherst, New Glasgow, Bridgewater, and Kentville. Our Dartmouth home equity loans experts will keep an eye out on the financial market for the latest news and projections so that you can be fully informed before making any important decisions. Contact us today to discuss your financial needs with one of our finest Halifax home equity loans agents.

"Our mortgage agent explained things very clearly. She even went over and over it if I was having trouble understanding any part of the process. She always returned my call or answered my email. We may have been a few provinces apart, but I felt like she was right down the street. Canada East Mortgages makes the customer feel comfortable, I will always recommend them."
Sherry - Blackbridge, AB

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia facts and figures:
  • Lake Banook in Dartmouth is known as the place of origin for ice hockey.
  • Dartmouth is situated close to Windsor, New Glasgow, Kentville, Glace Bay, and Truro.
  • Dartmouth College is the first university in Canada to start an undergraduate program for women.
Cities near Dartmouth, Nova Scotia:

Cole Harbour, Chester, Amherst, Bridgewater, Sydney, Halifax

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